• Aftercare Essentials For Your First Tattoo

    For the uninitiated, there are a host of different factors that lie in wait to deform and disfigure your first tattoo. Unfortunately, even with the best artist in the world working on you, it's impossible to ensure your tattoo will heal properly without good aftercare practices. Knowing what you need to do to care for your first tattoo will ensure that it still looks clear and crisp ten years after the needle stops buzzing.
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  • The Importance Of High Quality Video Production

    Kickstarter is an amazing tool. Crowdfunding is something that's revolutionizing the business model for a huge number of industries. Anyone can create up a Kickstarter; all they need is an idea. But because of Kickerstarter's inclusiveness this also means that there are hundreds of other entrepreneurs and visionaries presenting their own ideas right alongside you. As such, it can be difficult to stand out. And that's where hiring a professional video production company is absolutely essential to help ensure your Kickstarter's success.
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  • 4 Things People Want Out Of Image Bookmarking Sites

    Are you into image bookmarking sites? Take a look at some of the aspects of user interfaces and features that people are looking for when they use these types of image aggregation tools. Accessible Format One of the biggest conventions with image bookmarking sites and similar web sites is that they present pictures or thumbnails in a very accessible way, in neatly formatted rows with easy scrolling. Users don't want to have to look all over for the pictures they're looking for—having pictures front and center on the page is part of the user experience that these sites provide.
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