How To Give A Self-Portrait As A Gift This Holiday Season

Posted on: 7 November 2016

The holiday gift giving season is quickly approaching. While gift cards and cash are easy, go-to options that just about everyone enjoys, why not do something different this year? Consider a unique, thought-out gift like a portrait of them to show your love and appreciation.

Choose A Special Moment

If your plan is to have the portrait prepared ahead of time, try to find a photo that represents a special moment within your loved one's life. For instance, don't simply choose a random photo to have the portrait interpreted from.

It would be a better choice to select a photo from a memorable birthday party, wedding celebration, vacation, birth of a child, or even a cherished photo they have of themselves with someone who is deceased. The more thought you put into choosing a special photo, the more heartfelt and appreciated the portrait gift will be.

Think About Your Loved One

Although one of these portraits is obviously for someone else, it's easy to get more caught up in what you like and forget about what the person who the gift is for would find appealing. Always consider their personality. Would they be okay with you selecting a photo to have the portrait interpreted from or are they the type of person who would want to plan an elaborate glam session for their portrait?

Also consider their personality in terms of the type of artist you pair with. Would they prefer a traditional oil-based painting or something more abstract? You want to pair with an artist who can meet this need.

Have It Framed

Don't forget to have the portrait framed. When giving a gift, you don't want to leave the recipient with anything left to do. Having the portrait framed ahead of time allows them to immediately hang and appreciate the gift. Try to take cues from their personal style when selecting framing options so that the portrait can seamlessly fit within their home.

In the event you aren't having the portrait prepared ahead of time, you can pre-pay for the framing of the portrait so that the recipient can simply choose the framing option they like without having to come out of pocket for the gift.

Choosing a portrait and following these tips is a great way to think outside of the box and give a special gift to your loved one this upcoming holiday season that they will enjoy.


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