Help Your Business Stand Out At The Next Industry Convention

Posted on: 26 September 2016

The thought of going to an industry convention can be daunting for a company. You might wonder how you can stand out among all the other businesses there. Below are some ideas you can use to make a great impression on convention visitors.

Try 3D Foam Theming

One great way to wow your customers at a convention is by using 3D foam sculptures and theming. Of course, you can design foam pieces and cut the foam yourself, but technology offers you many more options. CNC milling machines can transform a design you've made in CAD software into a foam sculpture in the size you specify. Some shops have digital 3D scanners that can scan a small physical object and create a larger foam sculpture from it.

Foam is great material for a convention for a couple of reasons. Foam is often lighter than metal and other materials, so it can be easily carried from your car and into the convention hall. It can be painted to look like metal, stone, and wood for much less than you would pay to create pieces with those materials.

3D foam theming can present many creative ideas that will be a big hit at any convention. If you want to keep things simple, you can have a 3D foam version of your logo created and give it away to visitors as a keyring. You can have a 3D foam version of your company's mascot created and hold a raffle or lottery so that a visitor can take it home. You can even go much bigger; you can have large pieces created to make a big impact. If you want to create a homelike atmosphere, for example, you can have a life-like foam easy chair and foam fireplace made to create the mood behind your booth table.

Use Food

Another way to get the attention of convention visitors is to appeal to their stomachs. If you plan to give away mugs as many companies do, fill those mugs with candy, popcorn, or other food first. You might even want to have a popcorn popping machine or hot dog warmer set up to attract people. They might come for the food, but you and others at your booth can then interest them in your business.

With the above ideas, you can start taking action to ensure that your company is a standout at the next industry convention. Ask your employees and peers for feedback so that you can create a great booth and be unforgettable.

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