Keys To Designing An Effective Logo

Posted on: 13 July 2016

When you design a logo, your goal should be to create something that will bring your company to a potential consumer's mind. Obviously, such a logo requires more than a few quick sketches. While you should work with a professional to help you design your logo, you should start by getting a few ideas together on your own. If nothing else, it will give your logo designer a jumping off point. Here are things to consider.

Look For Balance

One key to logo design is that you want to make sure that one side of the logo does not pull the eye more than the other. Balance is as much a matter of size as it is color. Make sure that capital letters do not leave your logo feeling disjointed, and make sure that you don't use bold colors on one side of your logo and soft colors on the other. 

Find New Territory

Simply making a riff on some other company's logo will not give you the distinction you crave. Remember that you want your logo to stand for your company. Doing something that is similar to other companies out there creates mental interference—makes it hard for a potential customer to readily discern which company the logo is supposed to stand for. Thus, you should be willing to branch out into new territory. 

Keep It Simple

On the other hand, you don't want to have so much going on with your logo that a potential customer has a hard time recognizing what they are actually seeing. For example, if your company sells tape, you don't have to cram every style of tape your company sells into the logo. Instead, you could have one or two letters in your company name look like they were made from tape. 

Set The Tone

One final piece of advice is that the style of your logo should fit the tone that you are trying to strike with your company. For example, if your company offers consulting services for complex business solutions, but your logo looks cartoony, potential customers might have a hard time taking you seriously. 

When you choose a logo for your company, don't just put your money into a logo that resulted from one staff meeting brainstorming session and some experimenting with a photo editing or drawing application. Instead, put time, effort, and money into your logo so that you end up with something that can represent your company no matter how large it grows. 

If you're interested in getting help with your logo design, companies like Fund Phase LLC may be able to help.


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