4 Things To Consider If Hiring A Videographer For Your Wedding

Posted on: 9 June 2016

When preparing for your wedding day, there are so many different moving parts that it can feel as if you don't have time for much more. When you hire your wedding videographer, you might just have a quick meeting, make a down-payment and not think about them again until they appear at your wedding. However, in order to have a truly memorable wedding film and get the best from the videography company you've chosen, consider doing the following things before your big day.

Notify Guests There Will Be Filming

While most people assume there will be photos and video being taken at a wedding and are fine with that, some people simply do not want to be photographed or recorded. To avoid irritation and embarrassment, you might want to include a note on your invitations that specifies that filming will be taking place. Those who do not want to be recorded can notify you about that, and on the day of the wedding, someone in your bridal party can point out those people to the videographer so that they can avoid them.

Ask Clergy Whether Filming is Allowed

You have probably seen dozens, if not hundreds, of religious wedding videos in your lifetime, but it is important to find out if the particular church you plan to marry in allows filming during the ceremony itself. There are some churches that do not allow video cameras to be operated, although many do. Avoid assuming that it is alright only to discover on your wedding day that there is a problem. That will cause tension that could have been avoided.

Have the Videographer Present at the Last Rehearsal

The videographer will of course have some idea of how the your wedding ceremony will unfold, but it might be wise to do a dry run with them present. That way they can get an idea of where they want to stand and how you will look on camera. This will allow them to better plan for your big day.

Consider Recording the Lead Up Events

Many people focus on recording the wedding and the reception, but there are likely other things happening in the lead up to your big day that you might also want to capture. It might be a good idea to discuss recording the rehearsal dinner after the wedding rehearsal, the exchange of bridal party gifts and various private moments before the wedding. Those other events can be incorporated into the final video package you receive from the videographer.

If you can take the time to do some of the suggestions in this article, your experience with your videographer will go smoothly. Ask your videographer whether there are additional things you could do to make things go well on your wedding day. Contact a business, such as Media Potions LLC, for more information. 


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