The Importance Of High Quality Video Production

Posted on: 23 June 2015

Kickstarter is an amazing tool. Crowdfunding is something that's revolutionizing the business model for a huge number of industries. Anyone can create up a Kickstarter; all they need is an idea. But because of Kickerstarter's inclusiveness this also means that there are hundreds of other entrepreneurs and visionaries presenting their own ideas right alongside you. As such, it can be difficult to stand out. And that's where hiring a professional video production company is absolutely essential to help ensure your Kickstarter's success. 

It's all about the pitch

The video is by far the most important part to selling your idea to potential backers. It's the very first thing someone sees when they find their way to your Kickstarter project. It is a short video which demonstrates the concept and why it deserves to be backed. Getting the video done right can absolutely make or break a Kickstarter. Even the greatest and most revolutionizing concepts in the world might not get funded if you're not able to convincingly demonstrate to the viewer what you're bringing to the table.

You can't trick the eye

It is really easy to tell when something looks cheap and hastily made, especially when it comes to videos. There's a lot more to producing quality video content than simply pointing a camera and hitting record. You've got to take into consideration all sorts of cinematographic elements. Taking things such as lighting and proper framing into account whilst simultaneously ensuring perfectly crisp audio can be a very difficult task for an amateur. The opening video should ideally match the quality of the product or idea you're presenting. If you've got an amazing concept you should have an equally amazing video to ensure that everyone understands the value of your project. An amateur production does not inspire confidence and might very well turn away potential backers from your project.

Editing is tricky

Professional editing makes a huge difference when it comes to video production. The software out there is quite complicated, especially if you're looking to include some effects in your video. Sure, you could probably bang something out with some standard video editing software, but once again, the lack of professionalism will be plainly evident for all to see. 

A poorly made video might very well ruin a Kickstarter, even if what you have to offer is something truly worthy of crowdfunding. Conversely, an amazing video might very well be what your Kickstarter needs to separate it from the rest. Nailing the video is one of the most essential parts of launching a successful Kickstarter campaign and the best way to do so is to hire a professional video production team.


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