4 Things People Want Out Of Image Bookmarking Sites

Posted on: 5 June 2015

Are you into image bookmarking sites? Take a look at some of the aspects of user interfaces and features that people are looking for when they use these types of image aggregation tools.

Accessible Format

One of the biggest conventions with image bookmarking sites and similar web sites is that they present pictures or thumbnails in a very accessible way, in neatly formatted rows with easy scrolling. Users don't want to have to look all over for the pictures they're looking for—having pictures front and center on the page is part of the user experience that these sites provide.


In a lot of cases, image bookmarking sites are more useful to people when they offer a little bit about what types of photos that are collecting for presentation. In a lot of cases, the generic approach taken by stock photo companies is just too general. For instance, an image bookmarking site can focus on the curation of different Internet memes, allowing users to quickly use or alter these pictures and post them to their social media pages.

No Frills

Although developers and designers tend to think that bigger and more complicated is better, lots of users have made their opinions known and declared that they want image bookmarking sites that work simply, without a whole lot of redirections such as splash pages, picture-in-page options, etc. One of the reasons that these features turn users off is the limitations of most people's hardware systems. The operating system and other aspects of your hardware setup determine what you see in your browser and how long it takes to load pages. The more complicated and elaborate site designs can take a long time to load, and frustrate people until they go elsewhere.

Good Sourcing

Another important thing to think about with image sites is that people don't just want pictures that come from anywhere. The best sites provide good source information in an accessible way—they will help to show requirements for attribution and exactly where images came from on the Web. Built-in algorithms and other tools will also help to weed out poor quality or less useful images, which helps to make the use of an image bookmarking site a much more enjoyable experience. It's all about separating the wheat from the chaff and presenting only the best to the end-user.

Consider these kinds of design issues when you are using an image bookmarking site (such as Piccsy) on the web.


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